Thesis Theme Customization

Add Breadcrumbs in Thesis Theme for SEO Friendly Navigation

We already posted more than 100+ thesis theme tutorials with videos.  Now, I am going to discuss how to add breadcrumbs in thesis theme. Breadcrumb is very useful for WordPress SEO purpose. More SEO people says that breadcrumb is one of the parts of WordPress SEO. So I am posting this topic for WorPress thesis [...]

101 Ways to Design Thesis Theme to Create Awesome Website

For some time now, we at Fourblogger have been posting more than 100, free Thesis Theme customization tutorials for design a thesis website and have even released a free Thesis customization e-book. Finally, we have decided to launch our ultimate Thesis Designer Guide. And also we launched Thesis Skins for Thesis Theme. Why did we [...]

How to add Google +1 button in thesis theme

Google is now focusing on the use of social media on search results. Previously google has tried this concept google buzz button. But now Google has launched google +1 button. It improves search engine ranking in google search results. So add google +1 button and improve your traffic. In this post I am going to [...]

How to show youtube video thumbnail in thesis theme teaser box

Thesis theme is the best WordPress SEO theme ever, it has more number of features available.  Example: SEO, easy customizable and etc. more information about thesis theme click here Why I posted this post? Nowadays everyone make video in blogging world and also more bloggers using thesis theme. For that only I posted this post. [...]

How to Debug CSS or Function Code to Fix Your Website Using Firebug

This firebug video tutorial explains about the extensive use of fire bug. If you are customizing your theme or you are designing your website, f irebug is very helpful for you. If you got any customization code from online websites even though the custom function.php code is working fine you need some modification in custom.css [...]

How to use Firebug to Debug CSS and Function code of a Web page

Firebug is a most useful firefox add-on for web page design and theme customization. You can debug any CSS style for your webpage without affecting your site live traffic. While debugging the css or function code using firebug don’t refresh your web page because if you refreshed your site during the modification via firebug all [...]

How to Place Different Background Color for Each Sidebar Heading in Thesis Theme

Normally all sidebar widgets of thesis theme has the same css style. If you add any background color or style to any one of the sidebar widget all widget style has become changed. This tutorial I will show you how to add different background color and style for each widget heading available in the sidebar [...]

How to add Google Buzz Button inside post and Homepage of Thesis Theme

Google buzz is new social media network launched by google. All the bloggers want to share their new article in google buzz and getting more traffic from it. Here I have given the code for google buzz button. This button is used to share your article in google buzz with help of google reader also [...]

How to add Tweet meme Button inside the Teaser and postbox of Thesis Theme

We know social media networks are important for blogging especially twitter. This tutorial explains about adding tweet meme button at various parts of your site. With help of corresponding thesis hooks, we can add tweet meme button at any part of thesis theme. Also in this tutorial has only the custom_functions.php code the css code [...]

How to add Thumbnail Image Inside the Teaser box of Thesis Theme

Thesis theme offers options to enable thumbnail image in teaser box at homepage. Before going to add image in teaser you should check whether teaser enabled or not. There are two ways to add thumbnail in teaser. First you can give only post image while writing post which may be in any size. It will [...]

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