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How to use Firebug to Debug CSS and Function code of a Web page

Firebug is a most useful firefox add-on for web page design and theme customization. You can debug any CSS style for your webpage without affecting your site live traffic. While debugging the css or function code using firebug don’t refresh your web page because if you refreshed your site during the modification via firebug all [...]

How to Place Different Background Color for Each Sidebar Heading in Thesis Theme

Normally all sidebar widgets of thesis theme has the same css style. If you add any background color or style to any one of the sidebar widget all widget style has become changed. This tutorial I will show you how to add different background color and style for each widget heading available in the sidebar [...]

How to add Google Buzz Button inside post and Homepage of Thesis Theme

Google buzz is new social media network launched by google. All the bloggers want to share their new article in google buzz and getting more traffic from it. Here I have given the code for google buzz button. This button is used to share your article in google buzz with help of google reader also [...]

How to add Tweet meme Button inside the Teaser and postbox of Thesis Theme

We know social media networks are important for blogging especially twitter. This tutorial explains about adding tweet meme button at various parts of your site. With help of corresponding thesis hooks, we can add tweet meme button at any part of thesis theme. Also in this tutorial has only the custom_functions.php code the css code [...]

How to add Thumbnail Image Inside the Teaser box of Thesis Theme

Thesis theme offers options to enable thumbnail image in teaser box at homepage. Before going to add image in teaser you should check whether teaser enabled or not. There are two ways to add thumbnail in teaser. First you can give only post image while writing post which may be in any size. It will [...]

How to Use Hooks in Thesis Theme?

Thesis theme 1.6 offers number of hooks to customize thesis theme as you like. Basically hooks are particular part of the theme. Various hooks in thesis 1.6 cover various parts of thesis theme layout. Functions are the things that appear inside the hook area of the theme. To learn about hooks you don’t need much [...]

How to Use WordPress Dashboard Options in Wp-admin

In this video tutorial explains about how to use wordpress dashboard. We know wordpress is a best platform for blogging. In wordpress we can use two types of hosting. One is free hosting ie another one is self hosting This tutorial I am explaining about both these two free hosted and self hosted [...]

How to Add Featured Post Inside Feature Box of Thesis Theme

Thesis theme 1.6 has two similar features as feature box and multimedia box. By default multimedia box available above the sidebars. If you don’t want multimedia box you can remove with help of this link. In this video tutorial explains about two things first how to enable feature box and second how to display featured [...]

How to Create Sitemap and Archives for a Blog with Thesis Theme

In this video tutorial deals about how to create site-map and archives for your blog. Normally thesis theme offers thesis options and design options. Inside the thesis options we can choose our archives pages similar to home page, or only title or like teaser box or post excerpts. Which type we want we can select [...]

How to Place Ads Box Before The Post Title in WordPress Thesis Theme?

  Every website owners want to display their ads in header, sidebar, footer, and inside the post above or below. I already explain abouthow to place ad box inside the post of thesis theme. Here, you can learn about how to place the ad before the post title of thesis theme. In some sites you [...]

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