Buying WishList Member Plugin? Read This Before Do it

Hope before here in this link, I have covered almost everything about what WishList Member plugin can do to build your WordPress Memebership site. Also I hope that you might have decided to get the WishList plugin  based on my writings about what it can do for you. I was also decided to get it once I came to know about its capabilities.

Wishlist Member Coupon code and Discount Price

The question arise when i decided to purchase the plugin was, what would be the pre-requirements and post requirements to be considered before get it? Now in this post, I cover those details so it can help you to buy the WishList Member  with confidence.

Server Level Pre-requirements:

As of WishList version 2.6, these are the server level requirements. PHP 5.2 and WordPress 3.0+ [Update: WishList Member launched version 2.7. The same requirements applies for this WLM version too]

You may check your server resource details through contacting your host or looking inside your cpanel or using a server resource check plugin.

If you want to contact your host regarding this, here is a email copy you can use that.

“PHP 5.2 or higher and WordPress 3.0+ version needed to run a membership plugin called WishList in my WordPress blog. Let me know is my hosting account covers these server resources. Thanks for your time.”

To check your server resource inside your cpanel, look on the bottom left area once you logged into cpanel. There you can see some stats and a link says “program versions” to see more stats about your server.

Wishlist Server RequirementsClick on the Image to see it in full size

IF both methods are not easy for you, then you may go for a easiest way – server check plugin.

Price Requirements:

How WishList Member Single License works?

WishList single license costs $97 as of today. You can install this plugin in one domain. You can’t install more than one wordpress installation. That means you can’t install your single licensed WishList Member plugin  in all your wordpress blog installations, for example not able to install at yourdomain/blog, yourdomain/blog1 where blog, blog1 are separate wordpress installations.

Once you purchase your plugin, you will be getting download access, license key etc. You have to enter this access key inside wordpress dashboard when you try to activate the plugin.

Activating WishList Member Plugin License:

You no need to inform WishList support desk before activating the plugin through a access key. The key can be applied to any domain wordpress installation. The Access key is applied in the first wordpress site you try to install. Once single site license activated in a wordpress site, even if you change your site from a non-www version to www or vice versa, then your plugin license is locked automatically and you will be shown a message regarding this in your wordpress dashboard.

You will have to contact WishList support team to enable again your license. So make sure to use “Deactivate license for this site” button at WishList dashboard in your wp admin area before you are going to install&activate the plugin in another site or before you are going to change the non-www or www version.

3 for 2 Price License: Discount

Update: This offer withdrawn by WishlistProducts team! So sorry guys, you may buy Multiple licenses

As I explained above, if you are in need of installing the WishList Member at more than one instances, i strongly recommend you go for at least “3 for 2 offer” which costs $197 or multi site license.

WishList runs this 3 for 2 offer since long ago. But the offer has been kept little bit hidden from home page to avoid multisite license sales reduction. To get this offer, you can go to the special 3 for 2 offer page. You can’t see this offer directly in the WishList site home page or at pricing page.

I strongly recommend you getting this 3 for 2 offer rather single-site license. Even if you are not running your second membership site as of now, get this 3 for 2 offer. Because at any time later, you can’t upgrade from your single site license to 3 for 2 offer. You will have to go for multi-site license later at any time. SO this 3 for 2 offer available  only when you first buy WLM.

Multisite License:

Multisite License allows you to install the WLM unlimited number of times at your OWN sites. Mutlisite license does not fit for applying the plugin at your client sites. This is just for your own sites.

But WishList team sells you commercial license, if you wish to install the plugin in client sites.

Looking For WishList Member Coupons?

As of now there is no coupon codes are live! All the WishList Member plugin coupons you have seen so far, are expired. But Go here and click on the Single site license button. There you will see 33% discount price. That means you can get 3 site license for 2 license price! Amazing savings!

If you own or going to get single site license already, then you can’t buy or upgrade to 3 for 2 license offer. You will have to go straight into multisite license. But if you are looking for first time purchase of WishList Member plugin, then you can get it now. Go ahead to their WishList Member Site!

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