Why Something Works for a Big Cheese but not for Me?

Bloggers are always hard workers. They listen to, grasp and take the plunge on some strategy which they believe will take them to a blogging success. Sooner or later many of the bloggers understand that the strategy did not take them where they wanted to go.

Bloggers choose every strategy that has been recommended by someone as a good one. Then why could they not reach where they actually wanted to go? Why does something work for a big guy (cheese), but not for someone just starting?

They listen to what to do. But maybe not to when to do it? This is why they are failing even though they work hard. If they knew when to work on a certain strategy they could become more productive. Below I will give you some hints which will guide to take the right actions at the right time.

When should you write Guest posts?

Guest posts will help expose bloggers to a lot of readers.

The aim of any blogger is creating traffic and making money. Good content is decisive and without good content you will not get new readers and followers and thus no traffic nor money. Here are some guidelines to get the most out of your guest posts.

When should you write Guest posts?

1. You have killer recent posts which match with guest post readers’ expectations. Readers want to make sure you are writing continuously about what they want to know.

For example, my guest post is published on Problogger today. When you go to my blog, I have already set up a free report about ‘How I got 100K page views’ to welcome you and to show my best. I have fresh posts on my home page catching the readers’ attention.

When Social Media works?

If you don’t have excellent content then there is no job for your GreaseMonkey or automated tools which can add thousands of followers to you per day.

What happens when you use such software? People glimpse “hey someone follows me and who is this?” Actually they check your profiles to learn whether you are really following him because of  their content or if you have just added them because you want them to follow you back.

If you, at that moment, can show good content then you will get a loyal reader of your blog.

Any other social media such as  Facebook, Linkedin, Digg, SU, Del.icio.us also works on same principle. Social bookmarking websites need the best content for their readers. When you write the best content, your post will be on their first pages, even though you have not signed up on any  social media and even though you haven’t put social bookmark buttons on your blog.

When should you conduct Contests?

The idea with a contest is to spread your name and your blog with the help of your readers.

Is this happening? In many cases it is not and why is that?

Most likely your prizes are not attractive enough.

When should you conduct contests?

Your contest should make people wanting to win the prize. If this is not the case, your contest will not be as popular as you would like it to be. If you offer a high quality prize, then your readers will take action.

If you are asking people to blog about your contest to get points in your contest, you must also make sure that your blog contains very good content.

Why do I not get any affiliate income?

I started my “blog about blog”  with this post “How to register a domain name” and then “How to register a web Hosting?”

I was not alone. So many bloggers did the same. Today also so many newcomers do the same. No one bought a domain and hosting through my affiliate links for a long time.

When I started to write about the Thesis theme, I asked two of my readers to buy it through my affiliate link. They never came back to my blog or they might be reading it secretly without making comments or tweets.

I got vexed and left the idea of making money through affiliate links. I started to invest my time on building the best tutorials rather than looking for tutorials to promote as an affiliate.

Then what happened?

People who wanted to buy the Thesis theme, did research it at Google before buying it to find reviews and to find out about how to customize it.

I reached the top places in the search results for almost any combination of  the keywords for the Thesis theme.

Naturally, I then started to get some buyers and to receive affiliate commissions for the Thesis theme. Sometimes people also signed up for hosting through my link.

When should you launch Your Product?

Many bloggers consider a product launch to be a good money making idea. It might be e Books, membership site or plug-ins.However, a product launch will not be a big hit unless some criteria are met first.

You should for example get a few emails every week, praising your content. Your readers’ should not think twice about recommending you to someone else. There should also be many and positive comments from your readers on your blog.

When should you comment?

Comments are the foremost reason to the growth of the blogging industry. Comments have been used as a traffic source and many times recommended to others.

When I started my blog, I prepared a list of 40 blogs in my niche to comment frequently on. I was commenting on all new posts. Those blog authors did the same on my blog.

However, if I stopped commenting on one blog, that author also stopped commenting on my blog. Sometimes I got more visits through comments. In a little while I learned what sort of comments worked well.

Comments on which I can express myself & my blog content, worked well. For example, Darren posted a post about standing out from the crowd in a certain niche. I commented on how I was using video to stand out from the crowd.

Problogger readers viewed my comment, became excited and visited my blog. It was only a few, but this type of comment was the only one to bring me traffic.

Now I only comment on other blogs, when I can contribute with my experience and refer back to my own blog for more details, especially when professional bloggers ask for comments on a particular topic. I get visitors to my blog this way.

You should get good ROT (Return on Time Invested) in your commenting efforts. Else you can spend your commenting time on building great content. It will give your more ROT.

In my experience, I stopped comment for comment method and used that 2 hours (that I was spending everyday) in preparing videos for FourBlogger tutorials. The time I spent on creating videos was the great return for my efforts.

So what I suggest for commenting method is,

If you really love a post and get more information on that then don’t forget to show your thanks as a comment.

If you expect traffic from your comment then do it only when you can express your observations.

If your niche is based on 100% content and not on promotional methods then you can comment on your niche blogs. For example, if you write about personal development, minimalist etc then comments are the great way to get traffic.

When should you ask for help?

I used to ask for help whenever I needed to get something done or when I wanted to grow my blog.

When I got a negative response or no response at all, I wondered why I was rejected every time.

The real reason was that I never helped anyone in the first place nor was my content so great that it would be recommended to others.

So what you must do is to build great content. Then you must help your readers and other bloggers in your niche. Soon they will come to you to ask you to help them and they will help you in return.

The only time you can ask for help is  when you receive positive feedback or someone offers volunteer support. The only persons from whom you can expect help is from your readers. Because they really love you and you love them.

When you should spend money?

I spent money for my domain, hosting and email marketing. I never spent a dime for any other thing. The only time you can spend money is when you earned more than what you are going to spend. For example, if you want to spend 50$ on one product, you should have already earned more than that.

You can spend money only on blogging coaching programs or books about blogging before you make your first money. At no other time should you spend money before making money with blogging.

When you should give advice to your readers?

Advice is free. Giving it is easy as 1+2=3.  Accepting it is a dignity issue. You can offer advice through your blog posts from day 1 one of your blog launch.

You should not offer personal advice to anyone until many of your readers ask for it by themselves.

I know there are some other things you know when to do them. What are they?

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    Keep delivering great post. If it weren’t for you I would not have discovered Thesis. I did not like Thesis at first but once I got used it, I can’t imagine building a website without it. I fell short of my 4 month goal with about 40,000 page views and 5,000 visitors. I guess my blog topic on sports has not caught up to all the tech sites but we are trying to pave the way by being unique.

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  • Rahul June 29, 2010, 2:51 AM

    I never expect anything from readers. I will be able to earn money from my seo skills and posts. I think best strategy is search engine traffic. They will come and go.

  • Jeremy August 14, 2010, 9:45 AM

    I agree – a particular strategy that works for one person might not for another. And there are so many reasons for it – poor execution, lack of staying power, not as refined or polished, bad timing, etc. End of the day, all you can do is have some common sense and do what you love doing best – that is, build strategy around what makes you tick and gets you off.

  • Tomas September 8, 2010, 7:37 PM

    An interesting blog post. Thank you.

    I got to your blog by looking at references to my flickr photos, which showed you were using one of them. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at your blog and saw my photo without credits. I have licensed 99% of my photos under a creative commons license that allows anyone to use them freely, on a few reasonable conditions. The main one being that I want credit for what I have created.

    I hope you will go through this post and add credits for the various pictures you have used.