Best WordPress Exit Popup Plugin

Exit Popup Plugins are very useful to increase your sales conversion. It also increases your newsletter subscribers. The Exit Popup, which I used in my WordPress sales page is WpSubcribers Plugin. This WordPress Exit Popup Plugin has more features and benefits. If you missed my previous post on best WordPress Popup plugin, I highly recommend you browse through my archives and read it.

What does Exit Popup mean?

If a visitor clicks the x close button of your site, a new WordPress Popup window will appear and ask the WordPress users to give some message. If the user clicks the “stay on this page” button or “cancel button”, it will redirect to your sales page or newsletter page.

We can say that the new window serves as an alert box window or we can even call it as an Exit Popup window.

While most websites users hate Popups, it is still beneficial to you as it increases your leads, email subscribers and double your sales. The main purpose of using the Exit Popup is to make more conversion rate.

Click here to Check Official WpSubscribers exit popup tutorial.

Below is the screenshot of WPSubscribers Exit Popup setup

Best Exit Popup Plugin

Exit Popup video or HTML Exit Popup

Your Exit Popup should not be simple or just a text message. To increase more sales and conversion, I suggest you use the Exit Popup with image or videos. In this WPSubscribers Plugin, you have the option to use an HTML Exit Popup. With this feature, you can use videos in the Exit Popup.

Below is setup for HTML Exit Popup in WPSubscribers

Double Exit Popup

With the help of this Exit Popup Plugin, you can also create two or Double Exit Popup on your sales page or to your own websites. Surely, this double Exit Popup will double your sales.

What it exactly means is this:

First, if you are promoting a product or an ebook in salespage, when a visitor leaves the  sales page, a Popup will appear. You can customize the alert box to read: “special offer to you”. This Popup will redirect to your offer page. If the visitor still wanted to exit from the offer page, a Popup will appear and here is the free gift for you.

Double Exit Popup Plugin

On this free gift page, you can also place the optin to build an email list.

Double Exit Popup feature is included in the WPSubscriber Exit Popup Plugin. These double Exit Popup techniques, however, do not work in all niches. It depends on your product and your promotion technique. Whatever it may be, do a test with your sales page and increase your conversion rate.

For more tutorials, Click here to check the Official WpSubscriber tutorial page.

This Exit Popup feature of WPSubscribers plugin helps me not only in increasing sales conversion but also in making it easier to group my mailing list.

I love comments.  Do share your thoughts and if this post is helpful for you, share it with your friends. Get the Exit popup plugin here and double your sales.

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  • John November 26, 2011, 4:05 PM

    I think this is a great idea if it converts to more subscribers. My concern would be that it can be annoying and drive what followers you have away. Can you share your experience?


    • mathan November 27, 2011, 9:44 AM

      Exit popup will increase more conversion and you can also use this for list building. It’s depend upon Offer which you give.

  • rohit August 29, 2012, 6:02 PM

    i searched for the plugin which pops up in the corner which suggest the recommended article for the users but i end up with this article. its a helpful article, you seemed to be a good blogger so i am asking you the best plugin you can suggest me for the same… thanks in advance