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Blogs are important part of our lives.  we secure our blog with various techniques but hackers break and hack your site anytime. So I realized the importance of backing up my site.

If you have a backup of entire blog, you never worry about hackers. With the help of your backup, you can restore your entire blog or website easily.

For creating a backup of your entire website, both WordPress folders and database play important roles to run a WordPress website. If the database is corrupted, you will lose your site and most web hosting provider will only restore the previous week’s backup.

For the past two years, I have backed up my website manually once a week. But due to busy schedule, I forget about the backup. So, I looked for a better plugin to automatically back up my site. There are few plugins which helped me to back up my database automatically but not my WordPress folders.

After a long search, I found a best plugin called “backupbuddy”.  First, I looked into a plugin whether it has automatic backup. This plugin satisfies my needs. I also looked for a feature that will restore my backup.  And backupbuddy is the right choice for me. So I recommend this backupbuddy plugin as it will save your site immensely.

Now I will show you how backupbuddy does both WordPress backup and restore your folders and database.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin

Backup restore and migrate your WordPress site

Backupbuddy WordPress plugin is from ithemes. It can back up the database, themes, plugins, widgets, post, comments, videos, images and your all WordPress folders and directory.  In a nutshell, it will back your entire website up. It also supports scheduled backup to your Amazon S3 and dropbox. The backup process is very simple and easy to use.

First, download this plugin from pluginbuddy.  Pluginbuddy offers two personal sites for $75 and 10 sites for $100.  If you’d like to use it for unlimited number of sites, it’d be better that you purchase it for $150.

Upload this plugin to your FTP or install plugin under WordPress admin area. Once uploaded to your website, activate this plugin.

Now click on Manage License and enter your ithemes username and password.  Then create a key. Now your site is licensed by ithemes pluginbuddy.  You will then see a backupbuddy control panel appear on the left side of the WordPress admin area. Using this control, back up your WordPress site.

I like this plugin because it offers the scheduled backup of my site.  Really awesome, isn’t it?

Click here to Watch the Official Backup Buddy Video tutorials 

Restore WordPress backup

It’s very easy to restore your WordPress. They are only two simple steps to restore a WordPress blog.

  • Upload the Zip file and importbuddy.php via FTP to your site.
  • Type http://domainname/importbuddy.php and follow the steps. That’s all, now you’ve restored your WordPress blog.


  • Back up FTP folders, database
  • Send backup to email
  • Back up WordPress to Dropbox
  • Schedule backup
  • Transfer to different server
  • Option to exclude specific directory
  • New features! Support for MULTISITE

I strongly recommend this Backup Buddy.  It’s always safe to back up your site before it gets hacked. You can also keep the backup to your webhosting, dropbox, amazon S3, and email.

If this post solves your needs, don’t hesitate to share it to your friends. Finally here is the Backup Buddy Discount Coupon Code   Share Your thoughts in comment section.

Updated: After i wrote this post, backup buddy releases the Backup Buddy 2.0 Checkout this awesome new features Backup Buddy 2.0 Sneak Peek


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