Auto Responder Configuration in Membership site setup part – 5A

Earlier parts of this membership site setup series we have seen about the first two elements involved in the membership site setup as first one landing page setup and the second element payment system integration. Now in this 5th part we will see the third element auto responder setup and configuration.

Why auto responder?

In the sales or customer point of view we know how important the instant response for any purchase on sales related questions. The delayed response one of the cause to the customer loss. If we missed a single customer we have lost large amount of money in future because the money is in repeated sales from the existing customers.  So every customer needs immediate response for their problems which insist them to continue the relationship with the product owners. To fulfill the importance of the instant response we are in need of auto responder.

Especially for recurring payment type of membership site we can provide different level of content. Her we are in ultimate need of auto responder to withstand our members for long period.

What can be offered by Auto Responder.

Most auto responder systems have provides the unique list building options for individual niche. We have options to send broadcasting mails at a regular interval to the particular list. Some of the auto responder systems have provides web-form customization options  to build email list. We can have the options to build separate list for paid members and interested members to contact them with different email content. Some well known auto responder systems are aweber, mailchimp, infusion soft and etc.

Also auto responders have the options to integrate various systems like payment systems, membership site softwares, membership site plugins, different content management systems ( wordpress joomla ) and some third party software. It can provide the options to verify its operation after the integration.

Every auto responder system integration with membership site have contains the particular order for interaction with user. This functional flow of an auto responder contains below order

  1. Subscription
  2. Conformation
  3. Follow up messages
  4. Broad casting of news letter at certain intervals

We have to achieve this functional flow in member ship site by configuring and integrating auto responder with membership site.

Two parts of email auto responder system with membership site

Every email auto responder system have two main part while setup membership site.

  1. Configuration of auto responder
  2. Auto responder Integration with membership site.

If we finished these two parts then the membership site setup with auto responder like aWeber will come to the end.

Configuration of Auto Responder

The configuration of this auto responder system has different steps these steps mainly depends on the places (landing page, sales order page and membership area) in which we had the integration process on membership setup. These places have explained in the later part of this post. The main steps involved in configuration as below.

  1. Setting up the list
  2. Setting Confirmation message
  3. Customizing web form ( Option form)
  4. Setting Follow up messages
  5. Email broadcasting.

All the five steps are necessary for complete setup of membership site. But based on the integration place we will use some of the above steps for configuration. Now we will see one by one.

1.    Setting up the list in auto responder

All auto responder system provides options to setup list for collecting the user emails as independent list. Each list has certain name this will be used for identifying the group of user emails collected from a particular location (lead page, sales order page or membership area). This will be used for sending newsletters for group of email address and also the list name used in integration process.

Here we should provide the information that contains the purpose of this separate list (description). Fill your email address , this address will sent to customers while sending newsletters. Some auto responder system may need some additional information. But the above two information are the commonly needed for all auto responder systems.

We can create multiple lists to collect group of emails from different landing pages for different conversion. If one user need your multiple products and While using the same list for multiple purpose the repeated emails will not be accepted in the same list. So we have to use unique list for unique purpose.

Auto responder system have accept the same email in different lists. So if you are selling different product we should use different list for different product. Also use different list for paid and non paid members for the same product. Because non paid members for a particular product may wants to purchase the same product in future. At this point we can avoid the same email conflict for the same product if we used unique list for paid and non paid members.  If you use same list for paid and non paid member user needs to enter new email for the above situation.

2.   Setting Confirmation message in email auto responder

Once the user joined in the list from various locations like landing page the auto responder systems will check the email address to identify whether it is spam or from a valid user.  Auto responder will sent confirmation message to the same email address used for joining the list. Then the system will identify the validity of the email.

Some auto responder systems like aweber will provide the options to edit the confirmation message other may not. They will send the default message which says you have subscribed in the list for this purpose if you are Mr.X please confirm.

While setting up confirmation message we should enter the thank you page url here. This thank you page will be displayed after the subscription. Subscription has made for a particular list at three different paces landing page, sales order page and membership area.

Among the above three places in the landing page we need web form (used for collecting user information like name and email) for subscription.  The other two places sales order page and membership area have also doing subscription process. But here we don’t need web form (optin form). Here user information collected from payment system and membership sign up using the integration process this will be explained in later part of this post.

3.   Customizing web form or optin form

Web form also called as option form this will be used for doing the first function (subscription) of auto responder integration in landing page. Most of the auto responder systems have number of different templates for the option form. We can choose the suitable template for the lead landing page. Some of the systems like aweber have the section to customize the default optin form templates available on the auto responder system.  The customization has done in the auto responder system itself to match the optin form design with landing page template.

We can select the fields needed to collect the visitor information for this subscription. The email field is must for all the systems.  Once the customization has done save the form for the corresponding list we will save this web form. We can also use unique web form for each list. Once we saved we will get the html and javascript version of the web form code to place the code in landing page template.

We can also use our own custom designed web form in landing page and we should link the particular list name and various input field in the web form used here. A designer can do these things. But this will not necessary for the integration we can use any one of the default template with customization for web forms and place the form in landing page. We will see subscription process in integration part.

 4.   Setting Follow up messages in auto responder

Once the subscription has completed with confirmation new the follow up messages has send to the subscribed members.  Auto responders provides options to send many follow up messages immediately once the confirmation has received from the subscribed members. We can also set up the time interval for the two adjasent follow up mail from the confirmation. Say for example if we set 5 minutes for the first follow up the first message has send after 5 minutes of confirmation has done by the subscriber.

We can set up the message body text and subject and signature for all follow up message separately. All auto responder system has provides special features for these follow up message setup once we set it up.  These messages will automatically send to subscriber in specified intervals after the confirmation made.

5.   Email broadcasting.

Email broad casting messages are different from follow up messages. Follow up messages has sent to all subscribers in a list one time immediately after the subscription conformation has done. But email broadcasting used for sending newsletters at any time to the limited people or all people in all list or particular lists only.

Some auto responders named this part as newsletter set up. We can send messages to anybody at any time whether it may be individual or list or all members. Each system has these common configurations for auto responder setup with different features. Here I recommend aweber email auto responder for getting more features in to send newsletters.

Here we end configuration of email auto responder next post we will see how to integrate email auto responder with membership site.

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