WP Robot Discount Code & Special Warrior Coupon Code

I have been using WP Robot for two years in many of my websites and I have set up the WP Robot in many of my client websites. WP Robot is currently the one and only powerful WordPress Autoposting Plugin in the autoblogging market. There are no plugins close to WP Robot’s full set of content and [...]

WordPress 1ShoppingCart™ Integration

1ShoppingCart™ is an all-in-one shopping cart and ecommerce system.  It has built-in shopping cart for selling your goods and digital downloads, AutoResponder for your email marketing needs, and in-house affiliate system. Because of this, 1ShoppingCart™ becomes a one-stop solution if you want to get started with selling something online. What you will be getting to know [...]

WordPress PayPal® Integration Plugin with Membership Site Options

PayPal® is the most used payment gateway online.  So, integrating PayPal® with your WordPress site is definitely beneficial.  Here is the best way to set up the WordPress PayPal® integration: What I will show you here is how to use a plugin to do the WordPress PayPal integration and use the same plugin to create members-only [...]

Membership site with WordPress blog – Part 2

Hope you read my first part of the 2 part post series on setting up Membership Site with WordPress-Part 1. Let me show you how the “WordPress–Clickbank–Aweber–Wishlist Member plugin” combination helped me to set up a whole membership site launch. At the end of this procedure,  I would be able to launch a complete product [...]

WordPress ClickBank Plugin with Membership Integration Features

Almost two years ago, I launched my first membership site where I integrated ClickBank with WordPress. Since then,  I am so happy that I did the WordPress ClickBank integration through the Wishlist Member plugin. Wishlist Member plugin is not just a WordPress ClickBank integration plugin. It is the best WordPress Membership plugin in the market [...]

WordPress AutoResponse Plus Integration

AutoResponse Plus and WordPress can be integrated in a way you would like to get it done.  Yes, you can easily complete the WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration through the following procedures: First, let us see some of the ways we can achieve the WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration before you choose the best one for you. [...]

WordPress GetResponse Integration Plugin

So you got your WordPress site and a suitable GetResponse account with you? Are you only looking for WordPress GetResponse integration?  If yes, you’re in the right place.  Once you read the procedures below, you will be able to do a lot of other cool things, too. I have already discussed in detail how to [...]

WordPress Infusionsoft Integration – Easy Method!

Are you looking for a way to integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress? If yes, here is how to do it—and a better way at that. When you try to integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress , you should consider a few things in mind. First, whether to integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress as payment processor or to integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress [...]

WordPress MailChimp Integration – Best Method

So you want to use MailChimp with WordPress and are looking for a WordPress MailChimp Integration plugin that will make your “WordPress Mailchimp registration” work easy and build the list & manage subscribers/members in a way you would like to handle. It’s easy as 1, 2, and 3.  Here, I will teach you how to [...]

WordPress Aweber Integration Plugin

Do you want to integrate WordPress and Aweber?  Yes, you can do that.  You can do it better than you expect, too. Let me tell you how to do the WordPress Aweber integration using a plugin. This plugin can auto update the WordPress registration to Aweber in real time. In top of that, I let [...]

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