WP Subscribers Review

A WordPress Popup plugin to build email list easily with WP Subscribers, recommended for bloggers and Internet marketers. WP Subscribers is a WordPress PopUp Plugin that works with WordPress website. It has more cool features and you have the options to use it in many ways. Before I share my WP subscribers review, I will [...]

aMember Pro Review:

aMember Pro is a Powerful Membership site software and subscription management PHP script in the internet market. My best option to choose aMember is for create membership site. In this post, i will share my own aMember Pro Review and experience working with aMember. The beauty part of aMember Pro works with popular CMS(Content Management [...]

WordPress Plugins -How to post on user’s wall in Facebook?

In this post, you will learn how to post user’s wall with user’s permission. If visitors connected to your site, with this plugin, you can post on your user’s wall. This PopUp pluginengages your readers since a user’s friend will also see what you have posted on your wall. What is the plugin to do [...]

Thesis Magazine Skin Launched

Last month we launched our Thesis Skins website and released our Thesis Smart Skin as our first Thesis Skin for the launch. Today we are happy to announce our second skin, Thesis Magazine Skin. The name itself, Thesis Magazine Skin, tells you how this one is going to look like. Yes, Thesis Magazine Skin provides [...]

WordPress:How to collect email address using Facebook connect?

List building is one of the good techniques I suggest you do from your first post onwards. In this post, I will share some of the techniques to capture email address using Facebook connect. In normal lead capture, we have to enter name and email address.  Instead of this method, we are going to use [...]

WordPress Multisite Plugins Management and Installation

We have learned how to set up WordPress multisite network, domain mapping in wp multisite and how to use thesis theme in WordPress multisite network sites. Now the important thing to do in wp multisite management is to configure and set up mu plugins in all the network sites using the network admin or super [...]

WordPress – Subscribe to my newsletter checkbox

For the past two days, we shared about WordPress autoresponder plugin and how to redirect to thank you page after a comment has been made.In this post, I am going to tell you a different method. While commenting, probably you have seen a checkbox saying “subscribe to my newsletter”. If your visitors comment on your [...]

Redirect to Any page After Commenting in WordPress

To build relationship with your readers, this post will really be helpful. This is one of the ways to keep in touch with your readers. Check my previous post on using autoresponder email to be sent after a new comment is posted. Wpsubscriber WordPress plugin will help redirect to any page of your website after [...]

WordPress – Comment Autoresponder plugin

  When new visitor comment on your blog, email will be sent to your visitors with the help of this wpsubscribers plugin. This WordPress plugin is definitely helpful for building a relationship with you and your visitors. It gets more attention when new visitors comment on your blog. Wpsubscribers WordPress plugin not only works as [...]

How to Use Thesis theme in WordPress Multisite Network Sites

We know thesis theme is one of the best search engine optimized (SEO) WordPress themes which is commonly used for blogs and websites in WordPress CMS.  WordPress 3.0 and above version can enable multisite network during the wordpress installation or in existing WordPress blog. Before enabling multisite feature, we have a number of questions in [...]

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