An Introduction to WordPress Multisite

Assuming that you well known about wordpress. WordPress now offer features to enable your existing wordpress 3.0 to WordPress Multisite or MS.  WordPress multisite is same like as and you can handle all of your domains within a single dashboard. This post will give you overall ideas about the multisite. Subscribe to our mailing list, you will get frequent updates about multisite.

When will I need this?

If you have multiple domains and want to manage the entire domain in easy way, then it’s for you. In Multisite you can easily manage all themes, plugins and Upgrades.

You can use it in number of ways depend upon your situation.  This will help in Educational, organization and many more.

  • Manage all your personal sites in single admin interface.
  • Even you can manage the client sites.

How it works?

There is no separate installation for wordpress multisite. By enabling the network you can change the existing wordpress into multisite. Multisite works with the help of domain mapping plugin. If you enabled the multisite in your wordpress site, then a network admin will handle all your wordpress sites. If you have old wordpress version 2.9 before , super admin panel will be appear in your multisite installation.



Themes and plugins

In wordpress multisite or MS, some themes and plugins will support in wordpress multisite environment. So, if you install a theme in multisite enabled wordpress, you can use the same theme in all your network sites.  The plugins also work with same concept. Before install theme or plugins ask the plugins/theme owner whether It is compatible for wordpress multisite environment or not.

What about thesis theme? Is it support for Multisite?

Yes, Thesis theme will support for multisite and you can have different custom design in different sites.

Do you have multiple wordpress sites?.  It is good time to use multisite for all wordpress sites.

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  • Julio Ruiz May 23, 2011, 9:06 AM

    Interesting Article

    I did´nt know about multisite for wordpress, i have about 3 spanish, so this tool will be very useful for blog management anb time reduction.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • mathan May 26, 2011, 11:35 AM

      Yes, you can easily manage all blogs in one dashboard.
      More MU Tutorial will publish.

  • bestway2earnmoney July 19, 2012, 3:32 PM

    wonderful information, what i was looking for exactly, as i decided to set up a wordpress multisite for myself. This article really helps me a lots. Thanks the author.