6 Ways turned my Blogging Dreams into Reality

Before starting your blog, how your blog would like to be? How many months have passed after your blog launch? Have you reached a status that you would like to?

If your dreams still not come true then it doesn’t mean that blogging is hard. It means you haven’t found still what you should do.

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Are you new blogger or want to start one?

Do you want to start a new blog and do you have some dreams on how it would be? Not an issue how much time you are dreaming. But you have to check the reality of your dream. You should have a plan on how you are going to do.

Until you prepare a plan to change your dreams as true, it will be a nightmare always. So go below to set realistic plans and goals.

Every blogger dreams a lot before start a blog

Everyone’s dream is this. But I say about this in my own words (because it was my dream too) so that you will know what I thought before launch of blog.

In my dream -> I sleep and wake at a morning. I check my earnings. My earnings for previous day is at least mid 3 figure dollars. Then I check my traffic and there is a spike in graph then I go to my email, there some business opportunities have been waiting for me. I choose few of them which I believe as good ones.

My long dream goes like this. If I would have to tell my full dream then this post will not be enough. Ok. We will come to real life now.

No part of my dream comes true in my previous two blogs. But my current blog goes in right direction. So I thought that it would be helpful to you if I could share my points on how my dreams should have been and how should I have to plan to convert my dreams into real.

Below are some of the things I was dreaming for it.

1. Make money through blogging

Making money through blogging will be hard until you realize some things.

You have to give a lot before you can get. You should think twice on everything with future aspect and passive benefits. You should learn a lot before you make your first income. More than these things sometimes you will have to loss money before you make money.

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If you don’t experience any of the above then yes you have to wait some more years to make a living online.

What can you do instead dream?

You should realize “nothing is easy”. Everything comes with practice. Money goes to hard workers and smart thinkers.

Until you think smart and work hard, you have to run your blog by learning something regarding make money blogging and experiences of other people who making a living online through blogging.

You should choose to work further any one of the method these people used. Once you choose a method you can completely learn the basics of that method you have to know before start your blog.

Watch closely who makes money in your blogging niche and how he makes money. When you look for their methods, don’t just watch what he currently do, instead that, see what he did in his early days.

The 80% of success he live with now are results of what he had done in his early days. This process will make you understand where the fundamental is for earning money through your blog.

2. I want to become popular

I was not alone thinking to be a celebrity.

I have been asked by few of my friends also about how to be popular through blogging? How to grow my blog popular? Instead answering them, I ask a question “What do you exactly meant by popular in blogging?” Almost I receive answers with the same answer “I want to be popular but I don’t know what should do and please help to make me popular by starting a blog.”

If you really want to become popular or if you want to make your blog popular then first decide what do you want to do? How are you going to do? If you ask these questions yourself then you will achieve.

There are several methods I use to bring my blog popular. One of them is videos. I am creating screencasts and I am uploading my own face to face videos. Through this I build my blog name.

Another one method is, helping readers. I am helping a lot of people to customize their blog. So often when ever someone struggle to design thesis theme they refer my blog name and I am receiving lot of traffic. There are still more methods I use to spread my blog name as popular. But that is for another post.

3. I will be writing  a Lot of Content

This was also one of the things I was dreaming.

Some people think that they should write more posts so that they can grow their blog fast. But if we list out blogs which do several posts per day then there will very few of popular news blogs.

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Apart from that most of the popular blogs have low frequency but consistency. So remember giving a lot of content to your blog is not a bright idea to grow your blog.

What you can do?

You can write killer posts and post with consistency. You may only post 2 posts per week. These posts will be enough if you prepare with quality.

4. I will get more loyal readers

(This was also one of my dreams.)

Getting a lot of new readers will be great achievement. What is the benefit if all of them come only once but never back? Even though you have received great traffic if you can’t convert them as loyal readers then there is no use of that traffic.

So make sure to prepare some plans for converting your first time readers into loyal readers.

You won’t understand this until you receive huge traffic in a day. You have been waiting for such a day. That day comes naturally for any bloggers when you post one best stuff.

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But after a while once the whole traffic come and go out, you will start to realize you have been missing something to convert your newcomers as regular readers.

On that day you will be worrying more because you thought building traffic was your major problem but you realized converting traffic as loyal traffic is the real issue.

So instead dreaming about huge traffic spikes, concentrate building pillar contents so that you will bring your dream as true in one day.

5. I should get spikes in my Traffic statistics

I was dreaming to see spikes on my traffic graphs.

Do you check often your Google analytics to see how much traffic you have received from Google and referring websites? Is the number of traffic coming through search engines constant? No peak or growth in your referring websites?

There is nothing more to expect from Google and other websites. Google will show off what you have showed to it. If you want more from search engines then you have to go and put some efforts for these search engines.

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Otherwise there will nothing happen, you just watch traffic statistics but not working on your blog.

If your dream is building traffic then take some action to make it happen. Here are few tips to do.

Google dominance:

If you plan and work on certain methods regularly then you will be soon occupying multiple results in single page of Google SERP.

Action to be taken: 1

Create Videos and distribute these videos to multiple video sharing websites all over online. If you do it, you can easily occupy multiple results of SERP.

Action to be taken: 2

Create articles with a link back to your blog and submit these articles in ezinearticles & squidoo. These article websites have high page rank and Google loves these websites so that your article will occupy one place in Google.

Action to be taken: 3

Submit your contents to multiple content distribution websites so that their pages will occupy one of the SERP results.

There are still plenty of techniques available to promote. But the trick is in your hand. You can’t expect huge traffic from Google unless you work something on it.

6. I will get more page rank

Bloggers dream day & night and expect their page rank to jump straight to higher number. They have been refreshing toolbars on mornings of month end to look for page rank update.

They don’t put any special effort for getting high page rank. But dream for it. If you just dream, it will not happen in coming days. Instead dream for it, you should know what are the factors trigger page rank and how many of them can be controlled by you.

If you know how to work on these factors then you are almost done. Just apply the factors on your blog and grab your dream page rank. Here are tips for some factors that you can improve.

Action to be taken: 1 – On Page SEO.

Your all posts and pages should be optimized for search engines.

The first point you should do is, ensure h1 tag for titles, h2 tag for sub titles and h3 for important keywords. The second thing you have to do is, ensure quality interlinks and outgoing links. Third point is keyword optimization. Ensure important keywords availability in URL and through out the posts.

You have more control in your On page SEO than any other page rank factor. So get most out of them.

Action to be taken: 2 – Off page SEO

You can’t control full aspects of off page SEO. But you can do at least what the basics we can.

For example, some video sharing websites offer do-follow links. So you can create videos and submit your link in description. Ex: Vimeo, Videojug. Youtube provides only one do follow link from Youtube channel. You can use it too.

I have given some of the factors which I used to achieve my dreams. Always there are some factors to convert dreams into reality. So find out those factors to work on it.

Final Thought:

Don’t be a dreamer. As you dream, blogging is not such a lucky thing. You can’t make a lot of money before give a lot of information. You will need to learn, giveaway and be patience.

Everything comes true when you take action. Be a do-er. Whenever you dream for something, just stop dreaming, find the factors and work on them.

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  • Jimi Jones May 14, 2010, 7:30 AM

    Excellent post, Pascal.
    Your blog is looking really good. Very nice job on the footer with the videos. 🙂
    Keep up the great work.

    • Pascal May 14, 2010, 6:06 PM

      Hi Jimi Jones, I am glad about you enjoyed the footer videos.
      Yes. I will do post continuously with more details on my blogging experience.

  • Farukh | Techming May 14, 2010, 4:23 PM

    Nice Post Dear. Bt i think, this post is giving incomplete information and you should share more of your experiences with us. I hopes that you wil expand more such posts. Thanks.

    • Pascal May 14, 2010, 6:08 PM

      Hi Farukh,

      Thanks for reading the whole post. Can you please tell me which method or methods should have given more detailed?

      If you can tell me, I will update. Because this post came popular in technorati also.

  • Farukh | Techming May 15, 2010, 9:51 AM

    It wouldn’t be Good to write here but it will benefit you & your fellow readers.
    1. You said a Blogger Dreams a lot–but i says “Dreams are the roots of Success” & if you couldn’t dream, You are assuming a miraculous Success.
    2. You are writing Negative Affirmations like “Nothing is Easy”, “Everything comes with Practice”. These lines are making me Sad by pulling down my passion & enthusiasm of Blogging.
    3. The Section “I wants to become popular” should not have been here at all.
    4. Your 3rd Point should emphasize on writing more posts per day but by maintaining Quality Coz if We wants to turn a bypasser into a loyal reader of our blog, We should try to fullfill all his needs by serving him plenty of Quality posts. Its simple that Fewer Posts is equal to fewer Choices. Just as You are Writing Fewer Posts, We have No Choices but to Visit Other Blogs for Fresh Content.
    & at last please dont take me as your critic.

    • Pascal May 15, 2010, 6:24 PM

      Hi Farukh,

      I am glad about your detailed comment. Really happy to have such of you as my reader.

      I should have written this post with more of my experience. Anyway I will write about them in my upcoming posts.

      I am really sorry as my negative affirmations made you sad. But sometimes our negative experiences make us to write negative affirmations. That is what happened to me also. I will write my experiences later. But I have to say one thing, if something happened negatively to me that doesn’t meant those negatives will happen to any of you in any way.

      Hi Farukh, as you said about dreams, yes, it is correct, dreams make us to work to achieve them. Same like that, our negative experiences lead us to work hard and smart think.

      Hi To my all readers,
      Sometimes it is hard to accept reality. If we learn to accept reality then no one can’t beat us. I will come up with great solution to you all. Always my motto in this blog is, “I should help bloggers to take right path”.

  • Rajeel May 19, 2010, 5:43 AM

    First time to your blog. You have quality contents man 🙂

    • Pascal May 19, 2010, 9:27 AM

      You are welcome Rajeel. You will be offered plenty of tutorials and useful posts.

  • Shanker Bakshi May 23, 2010, 12:40 AM

    Great article for newbie bloggers to take some inspiration from it. You have shared beautifully your experiences and how you have achieve this success. With this you also completed your 100 article on Four blogger. all the best for your quest to glory.

  • Imran Yousaf June 4, 2010, 12:11 AM

    Hi Pascal, i am wondered that you have dramatically improved your blog. Let me to mention your improvements,
    You have included non-technical articles which are more interesting beside technical articles (like articles on thesis). Because your articles on thesis attract attention of thesis users only.
    Great improvement in your vocabulary.
    I have observed that you are producing great ideas of articles. Your articles are really interesting one.
    In last let me to admit that, this post is one of your best of best post. I will rate it at 10.
    You are true, every blogger dream about their great success, but with passage of time we understand that was just day dreaming.
    Though spikes in traffic are not impossible, but are very rare. 100% Increase in affiliate income is not matter of nights.
    Each & everything needs great patience. Keep it up Pascal. You are doing great job.

    • Pascal June 4, 2010, 2:12 PM

      Imran, I am glad about you find my non-technical articles as interesting one. As you said, I have been trying to improve my grammar and vocabulary. Thanks for rating this post as 10.

      I will be producing more content from that you all can get most out of my years of experience.


  • Rahul June 28, 2010, 6:18 PM

    I am dreamer, And searching for the search term. ” dream into reality”. Which i got some visits from Google. I will surely get decent success with in few months.

  • Tech Crates February 23, 2011, 9:12 PM

    Excellent post. Got lot of inspiration by reading this

  • Romy Singh May 6, 2011, 5:48 PM

    Good Blog Post Pascal,
    Every Blogger Have One Common Dreams and the dreams is how can i make my blog Popular in online and offline world.. For making their blog popular they do lots of unwanted things that doesn’t make sense at all.. so this blog post for those blogger who always thinks of how can i make my blog popular…
    The easiest solution of making your blog popular is very simple.. just provide your user engaging and informative article and then market your blog…

  • chris hawkes September 22, 2012, 7:54 PM

    Dude, there are many grammatical mistakes in your post. Giving advice on blogging should come from people that take the time to make sure their post is not full of mistakes. Somehow you are listed on page one for spreading your blog, so good job.