20 Best Niche Blogs that Stand Out from Crowd

This post exclusively dedicated to the bloggers who are always worrying for traffic and making money through blogging.

If you are new here, read me previous post how I start a niche blog and also check out wordpress video tutorials here .

Here I’ve listed 20 best niche blogs. These are getting huge traffic without any big self promotions. You will have to learn  great lessons from these blogs.

Build a Better Blog

What can these best niche blogs teach you?

Bloggers behind these successful blogs know content is the king. They know how to write amazing content that can pull traffic from everywhere and present them in attractive way. They know how to spread their content like fire without any big traffic driven techniques.

I added little bit information for all these blogs so that you will know what factors send amazing traffic and make huge money to these blogs.

Without much intro, here are the 20 best niche blogs.

Games Niche – Farmvillefreak.com

The traffic statistics and facebook fan page count makes us to thing this site might be official website of Farmville game creators. But it isn’t. It is unofficial Farmville blog. From this blog we should learn the following things.


  1. Blog about popular things. Due to high popularity of the game, this blog connects more than one hundred thousand Farmville game players. Almost all pages receive hundreds of facebook shares.
  2. You should not depend only on Google Adsense ads if you blog about some popular things. You can use the popularity to sell the products. This blogger sells the T-shirts which marked with Farmville names.

I bet many of you play this game but don’t consider to blog about this. This is where you miss the opportunity to earn money online.

  • Blog started on – 14-09-2009
  • Page rank        – 5
  • Facebook         – 116070
  • Content Style    – Images of Farmville game + Tips writing
  • Earning method – Google Adsense, selling T-shirts with Farmville symbols.

Critique: This blog uses Google Adsense ads alone. This blog can go for game ads. There are some ad networks that connect publishers with gaming website advertisers. For example, adtoll.com

Food Niche – Foodcurated.com

I bet you will become hungry when you look at all of these blog’s videos. That’s what the reason this blog listed at top.

There are some different factors that you will have to know from foodcurated.

  1. A wonderful design that can capable of catching everyone’s eyes and call those eyes to go through some of the content & videos. You will sometime love to wait until page contents fully load so that you can delight at the backgroung image.
  2. Liza Mosquito de Guia who is the founder of this blog throws only one post per week but drives traffic more than any of us. She cares for content especially she shoots video with crystal clarity and presents you with vimeo’s same size player.
  • Blog started on – 20-06-2009
  • Page rank        – 5
  • Twitter            – 3852
  • Facebook         – 615
  • Content Style    – Videos
  • Earning method – Reviews

Best Niche Blogs

Design Tutorials Niche – Blenderguru.com

Andrew Price who is the author of this blog doesn’t need to worry about content. His chosen niche drives huge traffic. He shows his design creatures that have been done using “blender” software.

  1. Author knows the power of being inspirational instead being useful. He records screencast when he designs awesome designs at fast.
  2. He has increased subscriber growth from 800 to 4500 in just last 5 months.

His readers are asking sometimes to release a product that teaches blender software designing procedure.

What should you learn from this blog?

Try to be inspirational instead useful.  Write content in a way it can inspire others.

  • Blog started on – 27-04-2009
  • Page rank        –  4
  • Twitter            – 600+
  • Subscribers       – 4500+
  • Content Style    – Videos and Images that has been done on Blender.
  • Earning method – He will soon release a product for 47$ per month.

Design Niche – Creativenerds.co.uk

A design blog which focuses inspirational designs. This blog just has started on February 2009 but had growth of 6522 RSS subscribers and 21000+ twitter followers.

We should learn:

  1. How to use attractive images.
  2. How to promote your blogs. Yes. If you have one well known design blog then you can start another one blog and start to promote it through your well known blog. Creativenerds promotes its other blog also.

This blog monetizes its ad spots using buysellads. When I had a look, all the ad spots sold.

  • Blog started on – 07-02-2009
  • Page rank        – 5
  • Twitter            – 21084
  • Rss subscribers – 6522
  • Content Style    – Images + Writing
  • Earning method – Direct ads + affiliate promotions

Personal development Niche – Farbeyondthestars.com

Although there are hundreds of new blogs available in personal development niche, Everett bogue has built responsive readers. Currently he has 3245 RSS subscribers. He launched eBooks about the art of being minimalist & Minimalist business and he said that the second book sold for 6000$ in just 24 hours without any affiliate setup. Now you will know why I use the word “responsive readers”.

What should you learn from this blog?

  1. If you have really passion to live in your own lifestyle then you have the opportunity to make people crazy about you by writing how you think, do and live. Have great passion to write too.
  1. If you build response subscribers or readers then you can launch your own eBook or any other produce and it will sell soon more than you expect.
  • Blog started on – October 2009
  • Page rank        – 4
  • Twitter            – 1662
  • RSS subscribers – 3245
  • Content Style    – Writing. He says that he spent 100% on content. That content sells itself. There are no promotional methods.
  • Earning method – Own books selling + Affiliate promotions

Kids Niche – Goodtrueandbeautiful.com

Sharon really passionate about kids so that her blog revolves around cute kids. She has been writing about kids. When we see cute kids, we forget ourselves. Isn’t it? That’s why Sharon puts cute kid’s images in all her posts. You will certainly wish to visit at least some of her posts.

As Sharon loves blogging also, she actively participates blogging camps also.  She helps to other Moms to set up blogs and makes some nice money through it also.

  1. You can be inspirational to other people in surrounding. As Sharon do blogging, she can inspire others to do the same.
  2. If you start some blog around your passion or things you use or live with in day by day life then you won’t go out of ideas and money making opportunities will be opened to you.
  • Blog started on – 01-02-2009
  • Page rank        – 3
  • Twitter            – 809
  • Google followers       – 405
  • Content Style    – Writing + images
  • Earning method – product promotions, reviews.

Mountain Biking Niche – Mountain.bike198.com

Robb Sutton started this blog on March 2008 to write trail review but it grew as mountain biking product reviews blog. Robb Sutton is making hundreds of thousand dollars through his product reviews. He writes about not alone bikes but he is writing every part of the bike like brakes, discs etc. He has successfully built his personal blog about blog where he shares every inch of his blogging success and he offers 7 week free course for bloggers also.

What should you learn from this blog?

If you get success in your blog then you get different business opportunities. For example Robb Sutton writes about his blogging success in his Robbsutton.com and makes money through affiliate products.

  • Blog started on – 18-03-2008
  • Page rank        – 4
  • RSS subscribers – 7880
  • Content Style    – Writing + images
  • Earning method – Review + Google Ads

Make Up and Beauty Niche – Makeupandbeauty.ie

Youtube is a place where we can get most out of the internet.  Amy, Irish girl, teaches make up and beauty tips in Youtube. She has just started her Youtube channel before 1 year and has 17000 subscribers. If she just stopped her blog with text information, she would not have built this much audience. She has gone beyond that. Her youtube channel offered her more business opportunities and press publicities.

She offers beauty teaching services based on hourly rate and participates in press, functions as a business. She get paid more money for doing reviews.

She has 1169 Google followers in her just 8 months old blog.

  • Blog started on – 13-10-2009
  • Page rank        – 4
  • Twitter            – 3179
  • Facebook         – 812
  • Youtube           -17000
  • Google followers-819
  • Content Style    – Writing + images + videos(she crossed  million views in Youtube)
  • Earning method – Make up services in Ireland + Review of beauty products + Direct ads + Google Adsense

Sports Niche – Cricketwithballs.com

Cricketwithballs authored by Jarrod Kimber who lives in Australia a country occupied the No. 1 for many years in Cricket history. Although Kimber loves his ages of cricket, he writes really what he likes about current crickets. He knows how to monetize the blog. He promotes famous cricket books as an amazon affiliate.

What you should know from this blog?

1. You can build a good community in your niche. Jarrod lists more than hundred cricket blogs in his navigation page. By that he receives links from those blogs also.

  • Blog starting date –   10-9-2007
  • pagerank – 5
  • twitter follower – 1371
  • facebook like – 610
  • Content style – writing+image+some times video
  • Earnings method – promoting books+ own products

Meditation Niche – freemeditation.com

This blog looks like more than a website. The blog author provides free online courses to people who want to register on this blog.  This meditation blog uses videos that shot from meditation related functions. This blog has 1436 subscribers without any promotion.

What should you learn from this blog?

When you offer great content, people start subscribing to your blog. You should give some free stuffs to readers so that they will come again and again. Freemediation gives free online course with multiple modules.

  • Blog starting date –   14-08-2008
  • pagerank –4
  • subscribers – 1436
  • twitter follower – 425
  • Facebook like – 1807
  • Content style – writing +videos+image
  • Earnings method – free

Healthy Foods Niche – healthyblogsnack.com

Lindsey started this blog exactly two years blog . This blog provides healthy food related contents. Lindsey regularly updates this blog and monetizes with well suited ads. She use foodbuzz ad network which connects food related stuff advertisers and publishers.

She uses clean design and images all over her blog. A health or food niche must use attractive color images. Lindsey knows it. That’s why she deserved to be here.

What should you learn from this blog?

When you try to blog on something that you use in everyday life, you will get good monetization opportunities especially you can get opportunity to write reviews.

  • Blog starting date – 7-5-2008
  • pagerank – 3
  • readers – 1351
  • twitter follower –1287
  • Content style – writing +image
  • Earnings method –review+ foodbuzz ads

Fitness Niche – Lowcarbdietsecret.com/blog

This blog is the best example for you if you are trying to make money through Google Adsense. This blog is not providing content for regular readers. It focuses on search engine traffic. In last two years of this blog, the author makes 15 posts in average everyday.

What should you learn from this fitness blog?

  1. How to improve Adsense ads revenue? There is no guarantee you will be making money through Adsense always. At any day you will get an email from Adsense about your account closed. Before that if you want to make money, write a lot of content, and drive huge search engine traffic.
  2. Don’t stop with just using Google Adsense. Create an eBook with your best contents and sell it in your sidebar.
  • Blog starting date –  7-5-2008
  • Total contents – 10696
  • Total pages – 1783
  • Content style – writing
  • Earnings method –ownproducts+ google ads

Kids Niche – Kiddiescornerdeals.com

Nichol, mom with two kids, started this blog one year back using blogspot. She has been writing about kids and reviews for kids products. She managed to earn good bucks through Google Adsense, affiliates and paid reviews.

What should you learn from this blog?

  1. You no need to spend any bucks for Website Hosting Services. If you have some leisure period then start writing a blog on something you passionate. You will soon start to receive traffic through search engines and start to earn online. There are some people always need information from you. So go ahead.
  • Blog starting date –  2-3-2009
  • pagerank – 3
  • readers – 483
  • google followers- 859
  • twitter follower –5058
  • Content style – writing +image
  • Earnings method –direct ads+ review+products+google ads

Journalist Photography Niche – Joemcnally.com/blog

Joe has 30 years of experience in his Journalist photography. His blog revolves around his passion and his portfolio show us his expertise in his field. He has built around 6800+ subscribers in his youtube. There is no wonder why his blog popular.

What you should learn from this blog?

From this blog, we should know that we no need to start a blog to just make money. Instead doing for money, you can start a blog to show your expertise. Without doubt your blog will be making money for you.

  • Blog starting date –  24-1-2008
  • pagerank – 5
  • youtube subs- 6860
  • twitter follower –21265
  • facebook like- 13574
  • Content style – writing +image
  • Earnings method –ownproducts+ online class

Wedding Niche – Stylemepretty.com

This blog started by Jillian. This blog has page rank of 6 and his social media profiles shows how popular it is. This blog has 14126 twitter followers and 13214 fans in Facebook.

Author uses attractive images and his writing attracts everyone to read.

This blog shows a link to vendor blog and uses direct ads and reviews to make money.

What should you learn from this blog?

If you have some offline business then you can bring it to high potential by using a blog. At the same time if you have a well grown blog then you will feel easy to start a business around blog’s content.

  • Blog starting date –  24-01-2007
  • pagerank – 6
  • twitter follower –14126
  • facebook like- 13214
  • Content style – writing
  • Earnings method – direct  ads+review

Fashion photography Niche – Fashionphotographyblog.com

This blog started two years back and focusess on fashion photography. The way blog author uses the images and sometimes videos attracts us to stop and browse some pages.

The twitter followers count is 3969 and facebook fan count is 2312.

This blog monetized using direct ads and affiliate promotions.

What should you learn from this blog?

This blog shows how you should be writing focused content and how you should use images and videos to attract viewers.

  • Blog starting date –  25-9-2007
  • pagerank – 4
  • twitter follower –3969
  • facebook like- 2312
  • Content style – writing +image+ some times video
  • Earnings method – direct  ads+promoting products + STORE

Amazon Reviews Niche – Angga.web.id

I think this blog author didn’t get any topic to blog about. That’s why he started blog about amazon products.

This blog choose worthy products from amazon and writes reviews on that product.

Normally people search for reviews for their products. When some one come across this type of blog, there is more chance that they will read and buy the product.

What should you learn from this blog?

You should have willingness to write.  Even though the blog author doesn’t have any topic to write about, he writes more product reviews everyday. So remember if you have willingness to write and even if you have good topic unlike this author then you will be making money surely.

  • Blog starting date – 10-10-2009
  • twitter follower –156
  • Content style – writing +image
  • Earnings method –product reviews
  • Total pages – 1355

Inspiration Niche – Webdesigncore.com

In current online trend, tons of design related blogs get much popular than any other. This blog author collects amazing graphics ( you can’t see these collections anywhere online) and blogs as list posts. Always there are at least 100 people available in online at this blog.  This blog has just started on last October.

You will wonder how he collects such awesome images if you take a look on them.

What you should learn from this blog?

If you have passion on design and want to put more time on collecting graphics then surely you will get worthy returns.

  • Blog starting date – 25-9-2009
  • pagerank – 5
  • twitter follower –735
  • Content style – writing +image
  • Earnings method –direct ads+ google ads
  • Online members – 100+

Lifestyle NICHE – Jungleoflife.com

Lance Ekum one of the lifestyle blog authors. There are although hundreds of other bloggers in lifestyle niche, you can’t consider anyone as your competitor like in other niches. Because lifestyle blogs don’t provide content from outside. You are registering your own life in blog. That’s why all of these lifestyle blogs get popular. People always want to live in great style. So for you there is great opportunity to become popular.

What should you learn from this blog?

You no need to search long time for blog niche idea. If you live your life in a way you want then you can record your life in a blog. This blog will show how to do something to people in their everyday life.

  • Blog starting date – 15-4-2008
  • pagerank – 5
  • twitter follower –3949
  • Content style – writing +image+some times video
  • Earnings method –EBook promoting

T-shirts Niche – Troundup.com

A great example to choose a different niche – Troundup.com In this blog, Colin writes T-shirt reviews with colorful images. Almost every T-shirt lover will love to hang on some time even though they come accidentally to this blog.

What should you learn from this blog?

1. Choosing a specific niche opens lots of opportunities to monetize your blog. Colin ad spots sold and he monetized all his purchase links through affiliate links.

  1. You should use images as it can make money for you. Colin shows some model who wear the T-shirts that he is promoting. When you look on the models, it seems that tshirt fits very well to model’s body, so that you will feel good to buy it.
  • Blog started on – 17-06-2007
  • Page rank        – 4
  • RSS subscribers -1038
  • Content Style    – Images + Writing
  • Earning method – Reviews + direct ads

If you spend few minutes on each of these blogs then you will know how to write inspiring content, how to use images in your blog and how some of them use videos as a powerful traffic source.

The reason for I prepared this post is, every blogger should know the importance of content and content delivery methods. You can also build profitable niche blog in minutes.

If you want to know how to choose a best niche that suits for you then check out the tips for choosing best niche.

Ok. I know. You have visited some blogs in above niches. Share with me and I want to know how much importance you are giving to content.

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  • Pascal May 17, 2010, 2:27 PM

    Hi Vivek, Amit Agarwal writes a lot of technical things and the success of his blog is mainly due to years of learning technical things and years of hard work. He does not depend upon his Adsense Income for his living. He works a lot more than on his blog.

    Thats what I am trying to show to other bloggers. If any blogger depends upon only Adsense then I strongly advice them to multiply their income sources.

    Thanks for the comment Vivek as it helps me to share my view about Amit Agarwal.

  • DB May 17, 2010, 3:15 PM

    Hi Pascal,

    I would recommend you check out the following blog: http://www.ronenbekerman.com/

    It is a great blog in the 3D architectural visualization niche. I think it fits right in with the concept of this post you made.

    Really great work and progress you are making with this blog. Simply amazing how far you have gone in such a short time. Sure hope I will be able to find my niche and start a successful blog.


    • Pascal May 17, 2010, 6:34 PM

      Hi DB,

      That 3D blog is really great. Just now I’ve gone through the several 3D images on that blog. It deserves to be in this list. Thanks for mentioning it.

      And Thanks for your encouragement comment. I really wish you success in your upcoming niche blog.

    • Ronen Bekerman July 18, 2010, 2:04 PM

      Hey DB, Thanks for the mention! I appreciate this very much 🙂

  • Real Blogging Advice May 17, 2010, 3:25 PM

    Robb Sutton is very successful on his mountain bike blog. Not because he loves to do biking but he found out that their are only few websites who talked about mountain bikes.

    He is such a smart guy able to make much money on his biking blog not for advertising but as a master of review writing.

    But anyway, thanks for sharing it.

    By the way, I already read your ebook and it really amazed how you did your 100k+ impressions in your blog. I salute you my friend. I hope we can be good friends.

    Felix Albutra

    • Pascal May 17, 2010, 6:37 PM

      Hi Felix,

      I just now visited your blog and you are offering Robb sutton’s ebook to your subscribers. I have also read that blog. That is really great one. Your readers will love it.

      Thanks for mentioning about my 100K traffic success book.

      Now we are friends.

  • Shanker Bakshi May 17, 2010, 4:16 PM

    Amit Aggarwal is a Tech Blogger ( No doubt about it)
    thats why you must serve content around your blog niche, readers comes with a frame of mind that they will get “particular” information or article on a “particular” on their favorite blog. If you try to serve them a little bit of everything then it will be suicidal for sure.

    Good Read.

    • Pascal May 17, 2010, 6:39 PM

      Your point is absolutely correct. Every blogger should focus their content much.

      Thanks for reading.

  • Ed May 17, 2010, 5:26 PM

    Are you serious no websites in the tech nice?

    • Pascal May 17, 2010, 6:41 PM

      As Vivek mentioned above, From Amit Agarwal to so many bloggers are there in Tech niche. But Tech niche definitely hard to make quick.

  • Pascal May 17, 2010, 7:47 PM

    Hi Vivek,
    As you said, definitely there are multiple opportunities to make money through Technical blogs. Thats why everyone choose the tech niche. If we definitely concentrate variety of content in tech niche then Google will send great traffic. As always internet marketers said traffic=money.

    Thanks Vivek for listing all the ad networks and service opportunities. It shows that you know correctly what is going on the web.

    If I can find time to search then I will try to prepare a post on best tech bloggers.

    • Jmmy Jeans May 17, 2010, 9:44 PM


      Stumble across your blog…and i found your blog is the best reference for thesis theme…
      BTW, i saw some blog starting with www

      my question is:

      how to make our blog URL starting with www ?? eg: i want http://www.fourblogger.com instead of fourblogger.com

      i don’t know where to change it…but it must be there and i hope you can help me…

      • Pascal May 21, 2010, 7:07 PM

        @jmmy jeans
        Thanks for using our thesis theme tut.

        To make your blog start with www Just go to General settings.
        In this wordpress URL and blog URL type http://www.example.com and click save changes.

        That’s it.

    • Pascal May 17, 2010, 10:42 PM

      Vivek, Congrats for getting a chance to work as SEO Consultant.
      Thanks for the help in listing tech bloggers.

  • Mars Dorian May 17, 2010, 10:01 PM

    There are some gems in this collection.

    I especially like the inspirational style – blenderguru and Everett’s Farbeyondthestars.

    You can really see that there isn’t one formula for success – it’s soooo diverse !

    • Pascal May 17, 2010, 10:49 PM

      Hi Mars,

      Your Branding blog is nice.

      As you said there is diverse formula for success. For example, Blenderguru uses Video as one of the content delivery & promotion methods. But Farbeyondthestars tells that he concentrates 100% on content not a single percent in promotion. Really different formula. We have to work depend upon our niche.

  • Noah Rainey May 17, 2010, 10:46 PM

    Awesome list of blogs Pascal. I think what really stands about all these blogs is that they concentrate solely on one niche and never discuss anything but that niche. It’s crucial to have a blog that only relates to one niche. This is a huge aspect of creating a successful blog or website.

    • Pascal May 17, 2010, 11:42 PM

      Yes. Noah. I am also learning the same as you from these best niche blogs.

  • Alison Moore Smith May 18, 2010, 1:04 AM

    More good reading to do. Thanks for the great list. 🙂

    • Pascal May 18, 2010, 2:38 AM

      Thanks Alison.

      Your blog shows database error. Isn’t live?

  • Lance May 18, 2010, 1:44 AM

    Thanks a bunch for including me here!! I am truly honored to be listed amongst these other great sites! And speaking of which – some great new places for me to check out!!

    Thanks again for this honor!

    • Pascal May 18, 2010, 2:41 AM

      Hi Lance, You are welcome.

      How is going life? Your lifestyle rocks. Isn’t it?

      • Lance May 20, 2010, 7:27 AM

        Life is going wonderfully!! And especially after reading this post of yours!! Life rocks!!!

  • Coach T.I.A May 18, 2010, 1:45 AM

    As I went through your list this one thing just jumped out at me – a common theme between all these blogs is sheer good looks! They’re beautiful sites, well designed and easy to navigate. Haven’t read any content yet but that’s next on the list. Thanks for adding to my reading list 😉 Tia @TiaSparkles

    • Pascal May 18, 2010, 2:43 AM

      Hi Tia, Yes. As you said they are designed well. They provide excellent content in a focused way.

  • Farukh | Techming May 18, 2010, 11:41 AM

    Nice Post, Off Topic but good. I hopes You would write about your favourate Wordpress Themes in your upcoming Posts.

    • Pascal May 19, 2010, 12:20 PM

      Hi Farukh, Some of the guest authors will write thesis theme posts in fourblogger. We have done already 60+.

  • Farukh | Techming May 20, 2010, 1:42 PM

    Hello Pascal.. It would be My Pleasure if you would give me a Chance to to Write a Post on Your Blog.. And One Thing, We should Cover More Topics on Wordpress Customisations apart from Thesis Wordpress Theme as Very Few have that Theme.. There are Numerous Themes that easily Compete Thesis.. Also, Your Site is too Slow that it many times dosent loads.. Have a Check on this.. Please Reply to me via email..

  • aaslin May 27, 2010, 8:03 PM

    That was a great list………i accept for a blogger income should be from variety of sources,not only adsense

  • Rahul June 29, 2010, 2:49 AM

    I bookmarked this blog. So, that i will refer them later.

  • Nate July 6, 2010, 7:42 AM

    Pascal I have followed your blog for some time. Your tips have helped me a great deal.

    This is a very good list. Interesting to see the multiple ways they are monetizing.

    I have been trying to work from home for quite some time, with little success. I am a web developer and designer at heart, and have a passion for the tech world. I just launched a blog called http://onebiginternet.com. Its focus is Tech Tips for Bloggers, Designers and Social Media Users. Really all about the Internet.

    My fear is that it is not focused enough. Do you mind taking a look at it and tell me if you think I should put more work into it? I just launched it recently.

    Regards, Nate D.

    Thank you!

    • Pascal July 6, 2010, 12:51 PM

      Hi Nates,

      I had a deep look on your blog.

      First of all unique look attracted my eyes. I appreciate your design skill.

      Second, You are not like other tech bloggers. You have great passion. I checked your content in blogging and web2.0. Nice Both categories don’t show any unworthy content.

      You may proceed further. But focus on your design passion more so that you can grow your blog soon at fast pace. Although dozens of design blogs arise everyday, their design passion keep them roll. You have nice future in your blog.

      Grow it.

      My small tip: currently all design blogs just focus on images. You may use more superb videos to distinguish your blog from other designers.

      For example, you did good at this iphone test videos.

      And Nate let me know if you need any more help on from my side. I will definitely look for you.

      • Nate July 6, 2010, 9:34 PM

        wow Pascal, much appreciated comments. For a while I was getting down and thought maybe it wasn’t focused enough. I will focus on design and how-tos…try to provide valuable content for bloggers and designers. But also throw in some social media tips and news.

        The iPhone post got a lot of hits last night so that was neat!

        Thanks again for taking the time to look at OBI. Much appreciated!



        • Pascal July 6, 2010, 10:35 PM

          You are welcome Nate!

          I will be watching your blog always.


  • Xbox Kinect August 12, 2010, 11:12 PM

    Thanks for sharing the info. Gaming blog seems not listed here 😛

    • Pascal January 23, 2011, 9:59 PM

      the very first niche listed as top niche above is gaming niche.

  • Jackson Ledger August 29, 2010, 7:21 AM

    Crick with balls has, well, big balls…..top blog that says it how it is about the world of cricket

    Thanks for sharing the other niches.

    • Pascal January 23, 2011, 10:00 PM

      Thanks for commenting.

  • Nichol October 30, 2010, 1:37 AM

    Ok I just found this and can’t believe I’m listed here, that is amazing. Thank you!

    • Pascal January 23, 2011, 9:57 PM

      You are doing great job in your blog. Keep it up. Thanks.

  • ananthnag December 15, 2010, 5:27 PM

    What you think of ‘astronomy’ based blogs…..do u think they can earn some bugs?? If so, what would be the best income source for them??

    • Pascal January 23, 2011, 9:57 PM

      I am not sure about astronomy related blogs much as I don’t know much about it. You may consult with some bloggers who writes about that regularly.

      Anyway, if you have more traffic, monetize with amazon’s astrology books.

  • JB February 8, 2011, 4:55 AM

    I like to use http://nicheideas.org to find the best niches. Its free.

  • gaurav February 13, 2011, 12:55 AM

    this blogger is one of the best blogs where we can find Technical hassles behind blogging,Exposure to Blogs ,Business around blogs.

  • Wayne Gomez March 16, 2011, 3:48 PM

    Wow, very detailed article.It gives so much ideas on how to run a very deep niche site. Long tail keyword is really good for an affiliate to make money from. Thanks for this one.

  • marcus ollison April 14, 2011, 11:15 AM

    Wow , this blog has given some tips, and ideas on what niche should I choose to start another blog. thanks.

  • teach April 14, 2011, 2:31 PM

    thanks for the following niche blogs… great success for the farmville freak

  • jeiboy May 24, 2011, 4:18 PM

    Maybe you should include entertainment,

  • iphonejailbreak-s July 9, 2011, 5:07 PM

    Awesome list. Thanks

  • Pummy Manku July 12, 2011, 2:44 PM

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